Herbal Medicine

Here at Zhen Acupuncture Healing Center we are dedicated to helping your lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We provide the support you need to make sure you lose the weight and keep it off through our dieting plans.

With us you will eat food you buy from the grocery store -- so there are no expensive prepaid meals. You lose weight with real foods instead of frozen microwavable TV dinners.

We track your personal health records and make a meal plan according to your needs so you can see optimal weight loss results.

In addition to eating healthy we provide vitamin and mineral supplements along with a wellness counselor who will help you get down to your target weight.

We are much more than an acupuncture clinic and offer herbal medicine for all of our customers’ needs. With some dedication you will see results! If you are interesting in herbal medicine, call Zhen Acupuncture Healing Center in Newport Beach, CA today!