About Dr Kim

ZHEN means Truth in Healing.

Acupuncture Clinic

Its teaching has been passed down through the generations and dates back more that 4,000 years. .Dr .Kim had just graduated with a Law Degree in Korea when he was badly injured in a car accident and could not walk. This put a damper on his law career. He wanted to recover naturally and use an alternative style of medicine like acupuncture and its related studies. Which is how he became involved with acupuncture and natural herbs to cure the body of any injury or pain.

Many Americans rely too much on medication and it can damage other internal organs, like the liver, kidneys and heart. Did you know that whenever you take an aspirin it causes your stomach to bleed? Most medications are like a band aid. They only cover up the problem. They don’t fix it; they only seem to make it go away, meanwhile it is doing damage to other parts of your body.

At Zhen, we work with natural products not chemicals. We can make you healthy and a whole lot happier. We work on the whole body, not just an isolated part.

Did you ever notice that when you go to get your car worked on and something is fixed or replaced? That is when something else goes wrong. Well, our bodies are very much like the car, in the way that now the new part is working at full speed, something else is strained, because now more pressure is being put on that part, So in ZHEN medicine we take care of the body as a whole, not just a part.

You will feel more peacefulness and energetic, after you have received an acupuncture treatment. You will also recover much faster because we have gotten the flow of life going through you. We can get rid of your headaches, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and loss of sleep along with most any type of ailment you may have, we can help you.

For a Happier, Healthy Life