Acupuncture Clinic in Newport Beach, CA

Looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the modern world of fast food and busy schedules? Then Zhen Acupuncture Healing Center is the right place for you. We are dedicated to assisting our members in achieve their personal fitness goals and wellness.

We believe that total health goes beyond simply eating healthy and exercising. Our aim is for you to achieve and maintain total wellness. We help you work on your internal health, but also offer services to make sure you achieve your results quicker, and become one step closer to your ideal body.

We offer herbal medicine which can help you maintain your overall wellness. Being dedicated to your personal sessions reveals your intention to a fuller and healthier life -- and who doesn’t want that? If you are interested in contacting our acupuncture clinic, call Zhen Acupuncture Healing Center in Newport Beach, CA today!

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Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated to Helping You Heal
  • Optimal Weight Loss Program
  • Affordable Wellness Treatments